“By words my mind is winged” Aristophanes

  1. Start of a new Semester, hopping on to a new learning pathway, feeling excited yet nervous! I am ready to explore the digital world, see what this course has to offer and enhance my professional training. Although I have basic knowledge of several ICT tools, I admit I have a lot to learn and apply.



ICT with EDP3333

At my current practicum, my mentor has started using a lot of ICT in her teaching and I thought this would be a good place to share one of my experiences. Students in English are on their way to creating a multi-modal story. After the initial phase of writing a story based on the theme ‘Fear’, students are now preparing to type up the story on power point, draw pictures and learn how to insert them into their slides and also record a voice over for their story. This, I feel is much better way of learning and integrating different learning rather than just sticking to the old ways. I would say this ticks all the boxes in the RAT framework! what do you think?

My Concept Map

My concept map portrays what and who influences me as an educator. My journey is not an isolated one, but filled with the treasures offered by many people, places and things. I need to highlight my husband, without whom I would have definitely not pursued this degree. My two beautiful daughters who drag me into every little school project they ever do, have provide me with a practical side to what I am studying. I also strongly feel my travels, the different people I have met from around the globe and the different schools I attend for my pracs have taught me varied valuable lessons. And of course, for something new, I have all the social media networks I have recently logged onto to keep me updated with the latest in education. Also included is USQ and all their networks, with whom I am currently undertaking this degree!

New-Mind-Map (1).jpg

What are ICTs? Revelations.. frustrations..opinions

ICT for me encompasses all devices, networks, apps and gadgets that allow us to function in this digital world. It makes life easier or is it lazier? I remember my grandpa saying ‘look at these young ones! they need to use the calculator for the simplest of things. we can do everything in our head!’is this a good thing or a bad thing? Do we need to do calculations in our head when we have calculators and other modern devices at our reach? These are my questions.

I use digital technologies every day and sometimes cannot imagine my life without some off these devices. I am a frequent googler (is that even a word?), I use the GPS, I use the internet, facebook, smartphone, camera and a whole lot of other devices and apps. I still consider myself way behind in this subject though. There is so much I do not know, and when I finally grasp how to work with something there is something newer and better that has been introduced. Will i ever catch up? I seriously doubt it. I have to admit, I am a person who easily gets comfortable with the known, and loves knowing exactly which button to press, when and where. My husband of course, who is an IT consultant sees me as completely computer illiterate!

I however completely get why ICT is important in education. We as teachers are expected to prepare our students to successfully interact with the world, a world that is now digitized and cannot operate otherwise!So here I am, trying to soak as much as I can from this subject, my lecturer, peers and the digital world around me…

Setting up!

Finally done with setting up my own blog! A place to pen in my own thoughts, ideas and experiences. The course instructions were pretty clear and it was exciting to see it come to life. I however missed an important step and struggled with getting my post displayed on the main page. It was a slap on the head moment when I realized I had not logged in to my email to make confirmations and activate my account.Sometimes forgetting the simplest of things puts you through days of struggles!